How to activate your account in PlanProMatrix?

Once you have your Activation Code, you can now activate your account.


First, log in to your account.

In your dashboard, click the "Click here to activate your account" link.

Make sure that you copy the code given to you from our trusted code dealer or from PlanProMatrix (E-Wallet > Code List).

Select Activate Starter and paste the activation code in the form then click the "Activate" button.

That's it. Your account is activated.

How to join Surich?

Para makasali dito sa Surich, ang kailangan mo lang gawin is to become a user of Scalar Energy Saver sticker.

Just purchase at least 1 set of Scalar Energy Saver sticker (1 big & 1 small sticker) at pwede mo nang simulan ang negosyo.

Where can I purchase a set of Scalar Energy Saver sticker?
You can purchase a set of Scalar Energy Saver sticker to any legit distributor and/or mobile stockist of Surich. Make sure sa legit distributor/mobile stockist ng Surich ka lang bibili.

How many set can I purchase?
1 set = 1 online account. Maximum account is 15.

How much?
₱199 per set + shipping fee.

How to purchase it?
Fill up a form, settle your payment then send your proof of payment to the distributor/Surich Mobile Stockist. Wait for the confirmation.

Once confirmed, the distributor/mobile stockist will ship the Scalar Energy Saver sticker to your address and at the same time will encode your info to the system.

How to join PlanProMatrix?

To join PlanProMatrix, asked for the referral link of the person inviting you and fill up all the necessary information in the registration form. Then, click Register.

After you register, you have to activate your account to start earning.

To activate it, you have to purchase an activation code from PlanProMatrix or from a trusted code reseller.

Then settle your payment and send your proof of payment for payment verification.

Then, wait for your activation code. It will send to you once your payment is verified.

Referral link is highly required for you or anyone to be able to join PlanProMatrix.
No Referral Link No Registration.
You'll get your own referral link once you register and activated your account.

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FAQ: Surich Livelihood Entrepreneur

Question & Answer: Surich Livelihood Entrepreneur

Q: Ano ang pangalan ng company?
✔Surich Livelihood Entrepreneur

Q: Ano ang Surich?
✔SURICH LIVELIHOOD ENTREPRENEURS (SLE) - is a company designed to help and extend livelihood and educational assistance to the community who are in need and to everyone who are willing to achieve financial freedom at small amount of capital...

SURICH Livelihood Program

S - sustainable &
U - unlimited
R - reward to
I - individual who
C - choose to be
H - healthy

Q: Legal ba ito?
✔Yes, it is 100% LEGAL. DTI registered with Business Permit ang Surich

Q: Sino ang founder?
✔Elmerindo Usad - Doctor of Humanity, Certified Naturopaths Practitioner

Q: Kailan nag-start ang Surich?
✔Nag-simula ang Surich noong ika-30 ng January 2014 bilang Direct Selling and Manufacturing company at noon ika-5 ng May 2016 sinimulang gawing MLM / networking ang Surich.

Q: Saan ang office?
✔Lamak, Pob. Jose Dalman Zamboanga del Norte, 7100 Philippines

Q: May products po ba ako na makukuh…

How to earn unlimited income in Surich?

Paano nga ba kumita dito sa Surich? Dito, you can earn thru invite and direct selling of the products. But first, you have to decide how many accounts you want to avail. More Account Bigger Income.

Potential Income of 1 Account ➽ ₱199 Capital ➽ 1 Set of scalar
₱600/Day.₱4,200/Week.₱18,000/Month. Potential Income of 3 Accounts ➽ ₱199 x 3 = ₱597 Capital ➽ 3 Sets of Scalar
₱1,800/Day₱12,600/Week₱54,000/Month Potential Income of 7 Accounts ➽ ₱199 x 7 = ₱1,393 Capital ➽ 7 Sets of Scalar
₱4,200/Day.₱29,400/Week.₱126,000/Month Potential Income of 15 Accounts ➽ ₱199 x 15 = ₱2,985 Capital ➽ 15 Sets of Scalar
₱9,000/Day.₱63,000/Week.₱270,000/Month. Direct Referral Bonus = ₱20 Earn unlimited ₱20 sa lahat ng taong mapapasali mo dito sa Surich.
Binary Pairing Bonus = ₱50 Earn unlimited ₱50 for each pairing that goes under your account, invite mo man o hindi. Take Note: there are 2 groups under you - LEFT group and RIGHT group.

For example:
You have 2 invite, A and B. You placed A in your left group w…

How to earn unlimited income in PlanProMatrix?

1. Mag DATA ENTRY / DATA ENCODER ka! walang limit, walang oras, walang boss ikaw ang boss!

► Potential Income $200 up to $300 a Month o ₱9,000.00 up to ₱13,500.00 a Month the quicker you type, the more earnings you received.
► Mayroong Computer / Laptop.
► Mayroong Internet Connection.
► Daily Payout.
► Home Based.
► No Working Hours.
► Unlimited Workloads.

2. Mag E-LOADING BUSINESS ka! sigurado kikita ka dahil lahat nag papaload na!

E-LOADING BUSINESS - Be a Dealer/Retailer here..

► Can load all networks using one sim and one phone only less hassle..
► Retailer Activation earn ₱200.00 every activation.
► Sell load via webtool or gateway.
► Unlimited Free Text to all networks via webtool NO expiration.
► Have 1.5% every time you buy a load at may e-rebates pa every Month.


ADVERTISING AGENT (Earn 6.66 Dollars up to 100 Dollars o ₱300.00 up to ₱4,500.00 Daily and More.):

► Unlimited 6.66 D…

Surich Awards

Here are the awards that Surich Livelihood Entrepreneurs received.
Global Excellence Award 2017Outstanding Health and Wellness Business Opportunity CompanyPeople's Choice Award 2017Best Health and Wellness Business Opportunity CompanyPhilipppine Awards in Customer ServiceOutstanding Customer Service Excellence for Health & Wellness Business Opportunity ProviderWorld Class Philippines Award 2017World Class Philippine ComapnyElite Business and Leadership Award 2017Leadership Achiever in Business Management award to our CEOPremiere Scalar Energy Sticker Products ProviderPremiere Direct Selling & Business Opportunity Company

Parami ng parami ang awards natin..

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